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Candid wedding photographers Bathinda | Pre-wedding shoot

Candid wedding photographers Bathinda | Pre-wedding shoot

Every single day after engagement tend to be like years without your love. So, all couples wish to have some quality time with each other. Thus, pre-wedding photo-shoots are the best options for this as well as for making up the memories. Therefore, we Studio Memory Lane – the best professional candid wedding photographers Bathinda, are there to capture them.

Candid wedding photographers Bathinda

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Here, we Studio Memory Lane are presenting one of the beautiful artworks from our best pre-wedding photo-shoots. You can expect such type of quality and clear work form our team anywhere anytime. We captured this shot in the studio-based set-up where we organized the set of cafeteria with all the black props in it. This is to known as Moroccan Marvel and is very trendy. For this, we used similar colored props in the background and opposite colored attires or accessories in the foreground.

Some best place for pre-wedding photo-shoot in India!

There are many options when it comes to choose the best site for pre-wedding photo-shoot. Therefore, here we come up with  some most favorite options for pre-wedding photo-shoots in India:

  • Get Some Italy Touch: A kind of landscape with water lagoons is the best option now a days. You can find out some Italy themes that may even have bridges that can be used as a prop for various poses.
  • Moroccan Marvel: In this theme, you can use the blue wall background with different vibrant colors flowers and opposite color dress. Adding some of the stairs and old monk inspired doors can give a nice touch.
  • Café with Springfield’s: It is a multi-utility set as it is used as café, lodge or home. The romantic and pleasurable environment can make you feel more connected and loved.

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Pre-wedding shoot!

Tuc Jad Hasdeo Sajna, Assa De Sine Thand Pendi!

In this shot, we – the best professional candid wedding photographers Bathinda, have captured the bride-to-be and groom-to-be in their western looks. On one side, the bride-to-be is carrying the long dress with pastel color jeans, whereas the groom-to be is carrying a blazer of black color with white t-shirt and blue trousers.

Studio Memory Lane – candid wedding photographers Bathinda

When it comes to capture the pictures with the best quality and props, then we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there with all the updated and latest equipment. Our team of professionals are available with all the required props and set-ups that will enhance the presentation of the pictures. Moreover, we have all the value for money packages for you in any type of photo-shoot across the nation.

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If you are also looking for the best photo-shoot experience, then we, the best professional candid wedding photographers Bathinda, are there with all types of photo-shoot services.

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