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Top wedding photographer Nawanshahr | Light up your spark!

Top wedding photographer Nawanshahr | Light up your spark!

Holding each other’s hands and making realize that this time, you are holding them for the lifetime, is the best feeling that couples share. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – the top wedding photographer Nawanshahr, are available to capture your pictures with the nostalgic and 90’s framework. We have all the latest and required props that will make your pictures look one of their own and will leave a beautiful imprint on your hearts.

Top wedding photographer Nawanshahr

Sparkling Shot!

We as Studio Memory Lane – best pre wedding photographer Nawanshahr, are presenting the elegant engagement couple in a very adorable pose. Here, we suggested the couple to stand with each other while holding their hands and giving out their natural expressions. We used the dark background to make the subjects highlight properly. The roof lights that are falling on their face are illuminating their facial structure very well. Also, such lightning effects are coordinating with the DSLR cameras. The compact lenses are used to capture the details in high quality.

Tips for Black & White photography!

Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, all you want is the new ideas to capture some innovative pictures. Thus, here we are presenting some of the best tips for you. These will help you to create the best black and white pictures with any subject. So, here are the tips;

  • Get some Inspiration:  If you want to be good in black and white photography, one must definitely look at old photos. Such old stuff can be an inspiration for you. This will be very helpful in creating the ideas for the wedding photo shoot.
  • Shoot in RAW:  RAW must be your main format if you are a professional photographer. In addition, when it comes to shooting in black and white, such format allows you to edit the photo to the best of your ability.
  • Experimenting with the Exposure: For such photography, one does not need to stay with the normal exposure all the time. Sometimes, it is very interesting to use over or underexposing filter for your photos that can add some dramatic effects. Moreover, flat light can also be used to enhance your image with different levels.

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About the bride and the groom

Light up your spark!

Here, the lenses of the Studio Memory Lane – the top wedding photographer Nawanshahr, are beautifully showing the newly engaged couple in the nostalgic touch. The bride-to-be is wearing a beautiful Lehnga with the Dupatta that is falling from her shoulder in a very smooth manner. She is carrying a shining crystal necklace set and matching earrings. On the other side, the groom-to-be is wearing an elegant black formal suit that is creating a beautiful contrast. Both are looking very much friendly and involved with each other.

Studio Memory Lane – top wedding photographer Nawanshahr

Whether it is about wedding or pre-wedding photography, all the events and people who are embracing the moment with their presence are very near to your heart. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there to capture them in single frame and preserve them for lifetime. Our highly proficient and passionate photographers are available with all the best and innovative ideas that will make your pictures look like speaking their emotions out of them.

Stay Updated!

If you are also looking for the valuable work, then we as Studio memory Lane – the top wedding photographer Nawanshahr, are there at your service with the quality work and best photographers.

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