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Jalandhar pre-wedding photographers | Love in a library!

Jalandhar pre-wedding photographers | Love in a library!

It is very enjoyable to share the same hobbies and interests with your partner. Thus, we at Studio Memory Lane – the best Jalandhar pre-wedding photographers, are there to capture the new ways and ideas for your pre-wedding or wedding photo shoot. Being professional photographers, we always try to use your ideas and wishes to frame a perfect album for you.

Jalandhar pre-wedding photographers

Hobby Frame!

For making up this frame, we used the library as the main venue. This is one of the special ideas that is planned by the couple as they both met in college and their love life has now reached at the stage of marriage. So, we – Studio Memory Lane, executed it in a filmy touch and used the DSLR cameras to highlight the subjects and eliminate the dark shadows as well.

Poses for pre-wedding photo-shoot!

You must be looking for some very nice ideas and poses for your pre-wedding photo shoot. It is the time where you can use any prop or place that you prefer to have your photo shoot. So, here are some poses that you can also use in your pre-wedding photography to show your love for your partner. Here they are:

  • Dancing:  The most natural way to get the candid shots is to dance. Dancing with your partner and just forgetting about the world is the best way to get some brilliant shots. So, what are you waiting for? Go and Dance!
  • Holding his arms: One of the best romantic pose is to lay down your head on his shoulder and hold each other hands. This will build up your emotions and make you feel more connected and loved.
  • Hug full of Emotions: A hug from the partner is the best medicine for all the stress and nervousness. So, relax yourself with a ‘Jadoo Ki Japhi’ that will make you feel relax.
  • Playing Instrument Together:  It is the best way to spend time and even to know each other very well. So, we suggest you to play your favorite instrument with your partner and make your life full of musical chords!

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About the cute couple!

Love in a library!

This is one of the finest examples of the work done by the professional Jalandhar pre-wedding photographers, where they captured the couple in the western attires. The bride-to-be is wearing the red short dress with open hair, whereas the groom-to-be is wearing the black shirt with blue jeans. Both are looking very cute and involved as they are hiding their faces behind the book. Such cool pictures will make you feel like God has made you for each other.

Studio Memory Lane – Jalandhar pre-wedding photographers

With all events and happiness, there is always a need to capture them in the way you want. The most challenging part is the execution of your ideas in the exact manner. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there to plan your ideas and manage all the required props that will enhance the presentation of your pictures. We have all the equipment that will capture your pictures in smooth and clear manner. Moreover, we have perfect lightning system and modifiers that will illuminate the subjects.

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