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Top pre-wedding photographers Hoshiarpur | The beautiful serene!

Top pre-wedding photographers Hoshiarpur | The beautiful serene!

In today’s world couples prefer to introduce some westernize touch in their wedding tradition. So, there is huge trend of pre-wedding photo-shoots, which provide opportunity to the couple to know each other and spend some quality time as well. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the top pre-wedding photographers Hoshiarpur, are there with all such western and traditional set ups to present all the different cultures, also to make your pictures look unique and one of their own.

Top pre-wedding photographers Hoshiarpur

Nature Shot!

Here, we Studio Memory Lane are presenting the newly engaged couple in their awesome looks. The shot is taken in the open fields of Punjab, as it is famous for its agriculture and greenery. Our team has suggested the couple to pose while walking with each other in the fields and we also told them to give out their natural expressions. The background is blurred to illuminate the pose and actions of the couple.

Pre-wedding Shoot Dresses in India!

If you are also having your pre-wedding shoot and confused about what should you carry, then here we are telling you some of the best trending options of attires:

Dresses for Pre-wedding of Women

  • Anarkali: This shot will give a chance of swirly shot, making you look just fantastic!
  • Lehenga: No doubt, there are many trends, but Lehenga has its own uniqueness when it comes to grace.
  • Saree: This dress will give you the complete filmy touch that you can get while wearing a silky or vibrant colored dress like this with flares.
  • Evening Gown: Dressing up in such attire will make you feel like you are going to attend an evening date.
  • Crop top with Dhoti: Such trendy indo-western attire with a short top looks funky while same time, carrying it with Dhoti looks amazing if you carry long Shrug over it.

About Punjabi Jodi!

The beautiful serene!

This is one of the finest examples of the portrait photography captured by the top pre-wedding photographers Hoshiarpur. The bride-to-be is wearing the traditional Suit of green-orange color contrast, also having the floral patterns on it. She is wearing Phulkari covering the suit with different color patterns and same time, giving the traditional touch. Moreover, she is also carrying matching accessories such as bangles etc. On the other hand, the groom-to-be is carrying color contrasting Turban with traditional KurtaPajama. He is also carrying the Chaddra, Kentha and Gandasa making him look more handsome.

Studio Memory Lane – Top pre-wedding photographers Hoshiarpur

All the couples have many aspirations for their pre-wedding photo-shoots, thus you don’t need to worry when we, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there with highly professional team. We always try to communicate with our clients and make the perfect balance between your needs and our arrangements. Moreover, we have all the required props as well as Studio based set-ups that will enhance the picture presentation. Apart from Hoshiarpur, you can get our services across the nation for any type of photo-shoot.

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If you are also looking for the best photographers in Hoshiarpur, then we the top pre-wedding photographers Hoshiarpur are there at your service.

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