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Indian wedding photographers Amritsar | Candid shot!

Indian wedding photographers Amritsar | Candid shot!

India has lots of religions and cultures and all of them include colorful rituals. However, couples want something new. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best Indian wedding photographers Amritsar, are there to bring something new for all the newly engaged couples.

Few years back, the new trend was introduced known as Prewedding Photo-shoot. It is a kind of photo-shoot which is inspired from the western culture but modified in the traditional form. This type of photo-shoot has proven to be very helpful to make understanding between the couple or to make memories. Eventually, these become the reasons for happiness in the future life.

Indian wedding photographers Amritsar

Smiley Capture!

One smile can express lot of happiness and create connection between the couple. Therefore, we Studio Memory Lane have captured the couple in the friendly and smiling shot. Here, we suggested the couple to pose while sitting on the top of the grassy framework, which is very common to find in fields. This pose is completely natural as all expressions are captured with full clarity by the DSLR cameras and compact lenses. This shot is an example of evening shot. Nevertheless, the evening shots are the most challenging ones, specifically when it comes to capture in low light or even in dark. So, for that, we also managed the lighting system with different types of lights such as beamers, modifiers etc.

Candid shot!

Hasdi Ne Dil Mangya!

How about the shot that is natural and covers your emotions? Well! we, the best professional Indian wedding photographers Amritsar, are there to capture your candid shots. The couple is carrying Punjabi traditional attires which are making them look like made for each other. On one side, the bride-to-be is wearing the suit with Phulkari and Paranda. On the other side, the groom-to-be is carrying the KurtaPajama with color contrasting Turban. Here, the couple is looking very comfortable with each other.

Studio Memory Lane – Indian wedding photographers Amritsar

All the wishes of being shot in specific pose are fulfilled during pre-wedding photo-shoots. Therefore, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are available with all the trending ideas to make you idealize for other couples. So, why to search for other photographers when we are here? Yes, we have the team of passionate photographers who are always ready to capture all the moments of your events. In addition, we have all the value for money packages that will definitely make  up your mind to work with us.

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If you are also looking for the best photo-shoot experience in Punjab, then we, the best professional Indian wedding photographers Amritsar, are there to capture your best pre-wedding photo-shoot with your loved ones.

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