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Intensify the Love | Punjabi wedding Photography Chandigarh

Intensify the Love | Punjabi wedding Photography Chandigarh

The couple is portraying their chemistry of love through this photograph clicked by Studio Memory Lane | Chandigarh. Punjabi wedding photography in Chandigarh is famous for its colors of love and joy. Bride and groom have their own glory of Punjab within the look they pose for.

Punjabi weddings

If you are residing in Punjab, you must visit a Punjabi wedding. The traditions are same but the presentations have become modernized. In Punjab, wedding functions go on for at least 6-7 days. Relatives, dear ones and friends from far places unite to create some cheerful moments in these wedding functions.

The same way, in Chandigarh, the craze is beyond explanation. It is said that Punjabis usually have a big heart. You can actually get the opportunity to see the expressions of those big hearts in the Punjabi weddings. They make big celebrations in some trendy ways. For that, something they really consider is the photography, which saves these celebrations for the entire life behind the frames of beautiful memories.

How to pose for Punjabi Wedding Photography? | Chandigarh special!

Well, Chandigarh is the city of peace i.e. peace resides in its beauty of nature. You can get various destinations to pose for your wedding. There are so many beautiful things to pose with in a Punjabi wedding. Specially, the attire of bride and groom speaks volumes. There is a famous royal look for the wedding couple. Have a look on this pose!

Punjabi wedding Photography Chandigarh


This pose has its own elegance when it sets into a wooden frame. Most of the people hang this pose in their drawing room or living room, as it always attracts the viewer eyes.

About Studio Memory Lane | Chandigarh

Studio Memory Lane – the team of professional wedding photographers in Chandigarh, provides the best photography services. Talking about the Punjabi wedding photography in Chandigarh, we would like to mention the special coverage areas of ours, and that are: Candid photography, Portrait photography, Cinematography, Pre-wedding photography, destination wedding photography, drone photography, etc.

Moreover, we promise to provide the high-quality services to our customers. Also, the products and services are always delivered on time by us, as punctuality is the main element that we put it to make a perfect finished product.

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