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Pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh | Cherishing togetherness!

Pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh | Cherishing togetherness!

Wedding is the most important day for groom as well as bride. But, before that day every couple wants to capture some free moments and build their bond. Such new way to know each other and capture moments is now seen in the pre-wedding shoots. Pre-wedding shoots are becoming trend now-a-days and people are demanding new ideas to be executed. We, Studio Memory Lane Pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh, have introduced new themes for the pre-wedding shoots with new locations and poses.

About the scenery presented by Pre-wedding photographers in Chandigarh

This shot has done in an outskirt-hilly area, where it’s a public spot and selected by the couple for their pre-wedding shoot.  It has taken in the evening time which just make both of them look like – Royal Couple. It has presented the fairy tale in the reality. Shot is taken with dim light while the balance and vintage effects are perfectly used to edit the picture. Moreover, it is a wide angle-shot with full focus. They both are facing each other and making eye-contact which enhances the delicacy and tenderness of their relation.

About the Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be

Both are looking just amazing and complementing each other. Groom-to-be is wearing a pastel color grey with black lower and black Turban. While, bride-to-be is wearing long peach gown and styled up in messy bun. She is perfectly handling her dress with cute smile. In addition, groom-to-be seems mesmerized by the looks of his future wife. All this is visualized by the best prewedding photographers in Chandigarh.

About Studio Memory Lane

When it comes to pre-wedding shoot, then the best option you’ll ever get is the Studio Memory Lanethe best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, where we provide you the best themes and ideas to capture your pre-wedding shoot in an impressive manner. Our team and expert will definitely convert your dreams into reality.

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