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Chandigarh Photography Studio | Musical Chemistry of love!

Chandigarh Photography Studio | Musical Chemistry of love!

Love seems like a musical rhythm when life gives you a chance to have such a life partner who shares every single moment of his or her life with you. Even, when life breaks you into pieces, then this partner proves to be the life saver. His or her qualities and supporting spirit helps you to fight with the circumstances and brings the best out of you. Therefore, we Studio Memory Lane, are providing the services of photography in Chandigarh Photography Studio, just for you. Our professionals are always ready to click your precious and loving moments with your partner.

Chandigarh Photography Studio

About the shot!

In the above picture, you can see one of the best works done by Studio Memory Lane. Our team of photographers has managed the whole set-up. It is a part of studio-based photography consisting of various props such as guitar and trumpet, etc. All such props make the shots look more impressive. The background is well illuminated with the help of the hanging lights. The corners of the picture are blurred and the vintage filter is used in a very appealing manner. Moreover, the shot is taken from the DSLR camera and wide-angle lens, which is giving proper coverage to the background as well as the subjects.

Effects created by hanging lights!

Lighting can create many new effects on the fame that will make it unique and different from all of the pictures. So, here we are discussing some of the effects that you can create with the help of lights. Here they are:

LED Chandlers: One can use the LED colorful chandlers in the background that gives out the quirky effect to your pictures. Such effects are popular among the restaurants’ venues to make them look more attractive and livelier.

GOBO Branding: Using the four-color mixture in the GOBO light glass helps to create multi-color spots in the background. Such an effect can make your subject look more focused and eye-catchy.

Faux Foliage: If you have a limited budget and still you want to give a floral and natural touch to the background, then here we are with an idea of counteracting the lights and giving out the Faux foliage effect.

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Musical Chemistry of love!

About the couple!

The lenses of photographers in Chandigarh Photography Studio have beautifully captured the couple in a single frame. On one side, the groom-to-be is wearing casual western attire like a T-shirt with a pair of trousers. Moreover, he is carrying Turban in light green color. While on the other side, the bride-to-be is carrying a stunning black sleeveless Kurti. She is also carrying accessories like a bracelet and small earrings. For this shot, we even suggested the couple to pose in a natural manner, where the beloved is irritating the groom-to-be with trumpet. Both are looking very friendly and adorable together.

Studio Memory Lane – Chandigarh Photography Studio!

When it comes to arranging for the professional photographers, then we, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, are here at your service. We have all the required props and elements that will enhance your photo shoot experience with us. Moreover, you will always find us with all the trendy gadgets that will make your captured moments look heart taking. Even, we are available across the nation with value for money packages.

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If you are also looking for best photographers, then we, Studio Memory Lane, are providing the professional and high-class services in Chandigarh photography studio.

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