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Ferozepur pre-wedding photographer | Punjabi Swag!

Ferozepur pre-wedding photographer | Punjabi Swag!

Punjab is famous for its tradition and culture, where you can find everything from simplicity to the royalty. In this culture, not only the dresses but the heart and soul of the people are also colorful. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best Ferozepur pre-wedding photographer, are there to capture all those memories that you are going to make with your loved ones.

Apart from culture, Punjab has a heritage that represents the love of many famous people such as Heer-Ranjha, Sohni-Mahiwal and Sassi–Punu, the legend couples who had written their love stories with golden ink in Punjab’s culture.

Some rituals related to Punjabi weddings!

  • JAGO – The night before the wedding, the family stays up till late at night and celebrates the Jago. A Ghada (earthen pot) is decorated with divas and lamps. The maternal aunt or mami or bhabhi (sister-in- law) of the bride/groom carries it on her head while other ladies try to shake it with a long stick. In addition, ladies also sing Punjabi wedding songs known as Ghodia.
  • Gana Bandhana – On the wedding day morning, the bride and the groom attend a Path or Pooja. After completion of that, the priest ties a Moli while another thread is tied by all the loved ones that symbolizes their blessings for them in their future life.

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Ferozepur pre-wedding photographer

Pre-wedding scene!

Punjabi swag is beautifully captured by the Studio Memory Lane, where we suggested the couple to sit with each other and give out the natural expressions for the candid shot. We used Dang (wooden stick) as prop. The groom-to-be seems to be flaunting his mustaches, as especially in Punjab the mustaches are considered as the symbol of self-respect and manhood. Moreover, it is a daylight shot. So, we have chosen some specific spots in the garden. Also, their looks are presenting them very cool!

About the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be

Punjabi Swag!

Here, the lenses of the professional Ferozepur pre-wedding photographer, are presenting the best work of the pre-wedding photo shoots. The bride-to-be is wearing yellow Punjab Suit with black heels. Also, she is having Phulkari with colorful fabric work on it. Moreover, she is carrying heavy danglers. On the other hand, the groom-to-be is wearing the Punjabi Kurta-Pajama with Jacket, having traditional patterns over it. Both are twinning with wearing shades. They both are looking very compatible and friendly which is making their relation grow stronger and healthier.

Studio Memory lane – Ferozepur pre-wedding photographer

Whether it is about wedding or pre-wedding photography, all you need is the best quality work and professionals to cover all the details of the events. So, your search is over here at Studio memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographer in Punjab and Chandigarh. We have all the latest equipment that will make your pictures look like you are living those moments again. In addition, we are providing these services not only in Ferozepur, but across the nation.

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