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Bathinda wedding photographer | Hamesha and Forever!

Bathinda wedding photographer | Hamesha and Forever!

All memories are the bundle of happiness and joy that every couple experiences during their wedding day, Thus, we as Studio Memory Lanethe professional Bathinda wedding photographer, are available across the nation to preserve your memories for the lifetime.

Bathinda wedding photographer

Creative Frame!

It is one of the quality works shot by cameras of highly skilled and professional photographers of Studio Memory Lane. We used the heading up stairs as the main spot to get such elegant pose. We suggested the couple to stand opposite to each other and give their natural pose. In addition, we made our light set-ups in such a way that they are coordinating well with the venue’s lightning system. Our DSLR cameras are showing their professional skills while capturing this shot.

DO’S AND DON’TS for the Bride’s Wedding Dress!

If you are getting married soon, so you must be having many questions while choosing your wedding outfit. Therefore, here we have tried to answer them down for you as do’s and don’ts:

  • Fitting: At very first, you have to decide what alterations do you need. Once you decide this, the rest will fall into place by itself.
  • Use traditional colors: After deciding the fitting structure, now it is the time to choose the colors of the outfit. It is wise if you chose them according to your color complexion and body structure. However, must keet the traditional colors in mind and try them once too.
  • Don’t be blind while following the trends: Yes, we are telling you this because the ultimate choice is yours. So, don’t follow the trends blindly, you must do check if it goes perfect with your wedding theme, body structure and colors.
  • Don’t prefer to have all-matching look: However, it is amazing to prefer a single color but make sure that you don’t keep it as a single color dress only. Instead of finalizing a single toned outfit, try two or three colors that will add brightness to your look.

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About the Cute Jodi!

Hamesha and Forever!

Here, the couple is looking very adorable. Both are wearing their wedding attires in which the bride is wearing the red Anarkali Suit with matching accessories such as danglers and necklace. Her face is looking very pretty with the natural makeover. Moreover, her hair are styled as being inspired from 80’s Bollywood Heroine’s look. On the other side, the lenses of the best Bathinda wedding photographer captured the groom in his formal attire where he is carrying blue Suit with black formal shoes. Both are looking very much involved and excited to be together.

Studio Memory Lane – Bathinda wedding photographer

Wedding is a very special day that is dedicated to the newly married couple, who promises each other to stay together in all phases of life. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there to capture all the moments in single frame. To capture all the special moments, we use the latest and updated devices such as drone camera, DSLR camera kits, etc. In addition, we have all the perfect lights that highlight the subjects and illuminate their facial expressions and structure.

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If you are searching for the best professional photographers to cover your events, then we as Studio Memory Lane – the best bathinda wedding photographer, are there at your service.

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