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Destination wedding photographer Chandigarh | Loving the site!

Destination wedding photographer Chandigarh | Loving the site!

Before getting married, you must have wished for visiting your favorite places with your loving partner. We completely understand your such longing to spend time together. Such longings for travelling new palaces are left incomplete, due to the busy schedules and responsibilities. Therefore, whenever you get some spare time to spend and make memories at new places, then it is a good idea to capture them only with us, as we, Studio Memory Lane – the best destination wedding photographer Chandigarh, are here for such services. All we want is to recreate your memories!

Destination wedding photographer Chandigarh

Lakeview Shot!

We have earlier done many photo-shoots and clients have reviewed, Studio Memory Lane as the best photography company with a team of professionals. For this shot, we have used the compact lenses that are coordinating with the DSLR cameras. To capture the background more clearly, we have used the wide-angle lens that has widen up the frame and makes it look more impressive.

Apart from different lenses, we used different lightning devices such as beamers and modifiers to enhance the presentation and clarity. Our team has also suggested the couple to pose while standing together near the lake and enjoy the surroundings.

Wide-Angle Lens!

In the above section, we have used a term wide-angle lens. Many of you must be curious to know about it and its features as well, so here we are answering your queries:

What is a wide-angle lens?

It is a lens with short focal length and wide-field view. Such type of lens allows the camera to capture more elements than any other normal lens. Hence, it is widely used for architectural or landscape photography. Also, it allows the camera to zoom-in closer to the subject, without disturbing or distracting them.

Features of a wide-angle lens are as follow:
  • Very compatible with digital cameras.
  • It provides a wide frame for capturing more elements.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Affordable.
  • A most popular lens in professionals, who use it for all types of photo-shoots.
  • It helps to avoid distraction and disturbance of the subject.

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About the Jodi!

Loving the site!

In this beautiful lake view, the couple is carrying the western attires and accessories. The cameras of the best professional destination-wedding photographer Chandigarh captured the bride-to-be in a glossy golden gown, which is making her look stunning. She also teamed up with accessories like Choker and bracelet. On the other side, the groom-to-be is wearing a formal black suit with a twinning tie and mash-brown formal shoes. The dark shades are completing the look of the couple and showing their Wakhra Swag!

Studio Memory Lane – destination wedding photographer Chandigarh

Your shoots are not only special for you, but at the same time, they are special for us as well. Making our clients feel happy and content is a big thing our team is working on! So, if you also want to capture your special days or occasions of your life, then we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, are here with all types of latest and trendy ideas only for you! So, get yourself ready for the ultimate and best photo-shoot experience with us.

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