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Candid Wedding Photographers Mohali | Ride of Love!

Candid Wedding Photographers Mohali | Ride of Love!

Wedding is a very special day for both the bride and the groom. It is a day that celebrates their relation and a get together to shower blessings on newly married couple. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lane – candid wedding photographers Mohali, understand the feelings that a couple experiences during their wedding.

It is an event for making long lasting relation to share their happiness and sorrows. The love between the couple helps them to motivate and support each other in all hard times. Thus, having a life partner is truly a blessing from God. As they say, ’Sari Jodia Upar Wala Banata Hai’. Also, God in heaven makes this elegant and beautiful couple.

Capturing such cute couples and truly precious moments is somethings we love the most!

About the candid shot captured by the professional candid wedding photographers in Mohali

This picture is one of the new trending ideas of pre-wedding in which the groom-to-be and bride-to-be are riding on the Bullet. Here, the bike symbolizes as a prop during wedding ceremony. Proper lightning system and various light modifiers are in use to get proper dispersion of light. Here, the Studio Memory Lane accurately balanced the shot while editing. This is a high quality shot taken from the DSLR cameras. The couple as well as the side background is captured in one frame very elegantly.

About the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be

Here, the bride-to-be is wearing a Punjabi traditional suit with two contrasting colors that are dark pink with heavy maroon long skirt. She is also carrying beautiful henna patterns on her hand. She teamed up the suit with heavy round danglers and Mang-Tikaa (an accessory). In addition, she has done the long braid with Paranda (an accessory to carry on hair). On the other side, our best candid wedding photographers Mohali, captured the groom-to-be wearing traditional attire as well. He is carrying Salwar with black overcoat. Both are wearing the Indo-Western style that is enhancing their appearance.

About The Studio Memory Lane

Our best and professional photographers have the experience of many years on this field. We have great experience in all types of photo-shoots as we use all the branded and updated equipment during covering your moments. We, as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, believes in the customer satisfaction by providing them best of our services.

If you also want to capture all of your special wedding or pre- weddings moments for your album, then we the best candid wedding photographers Mohali, are there at your service. Apart from Mohali, we are available across the nation.

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