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Candid Wedding photographers in Phagwara | Romantic Vibes!

Candid Wedding photographers in Phagwara | Romantic Vibes!

Love is all about feeling strong affection for your partner and expressing that becomes more special when you spend time with each other. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane– the best candid wedding photographers in Phagwara, are working on this trend and exploring many pre-wedding and destination photoshoots. Such shoots express the love and bond of couple but at same time gives an opportunity to spend valuable time for knowing each other well.

Spending quality time with each other makes their bond more strong and trust-worthy. In their new life, they have lots of experiences, happiness, and sorrows to share, so they need such memories to boost themselves in all the times. These memories are like flashback for the couple to realize how strongly their relationship has survived everything.

About the candid pose taken by the best candid wedding photographers in Phagwara

Here, both are standing near the bonfire in this romantic pose. It is more challenging as it is a nighttime shot and we required ample of lights. Thus, the back flashlight is used to enhance the facial expressions of the couple. Our team of photographer managed the whole scene by using proper lightning system. This candid shot is taken in the forest near the village during dark-time. The hue-effect is given in the background while everything is blurred in the foreground; it is done to illuminate the subjects.

 About the Elegant Couple!

Here, the couple is wearing the western attire. The bride-to-be is carrying a short length black dress with matching heels. She is carrying danglers sand pendant with her. Both are wearing a pair of couple watches, which is just aww! moment. On the other side, the professional candid wedding photographer in Phagwara presented the groom-to-be wearing plain black T-shirt with dark blue jeans. Both are complementing each other very well.

About the Studio Memory Lane

We know the importance of these moments in your life. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there to capture all those precious shots with our high quality DSLR cameras. We have all the equipment to enhance your photo-shoot experience. Also, our team has the experience of many years in this field. Our main aim is to produce quality work with pocket-friendly packages.

If you are looking for the high-quality photo-shoots, then we the best candid wedding photographers in Phagwara, are there to provide all the services across the nation.

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