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Vibrant Wedding Shoot in Punjab | Pictures with colorful lights!

Vibrant Wedding Shoot in Punjab | Pictures with colorful lights!

Someone has rightly said – ‘A marriage is all about falling in love with the same person again and again’. So, to capture all of your love memories, we, Studio Memory Lane, are providing the best vibrant wedding shoot in Punjab, and all across the nation. We know that these pictures are going to motivate you in the future. Moreover, these images will give you a flashback of all the love and care that you have experienced in your relationship with your love partner.

Vibrant Wedding Shoot in Punjab

About the picture!

In this picture, we, Studio Memory Lane, have arranged the whole set-up. For this shot, we have intertwined many different types of lights. The DSLR cameras are working very efficiently in capturing the subjects and background in the low-light zone. This shot is specially taken in the open stadium, where you can observe the stadium lights in the background. These lights are adding an extra pleasing touch to the image.

Lights are considered as one of the main equipment when it comes to any type of photography. Being professionals, we, Studio Memory Lane, completely understand that it is necessary to maintain a perfect balance between different equipment. So, here we are going to give you some tips on using lights appropriately for awesome shots:

  • Use broader lights! – To make the light look softer, we recommend you to use the broader light source. These sources of lights tend to fade up all the shadows. It also helps in suppressing the texture of the subject in the image. If you use any narrow lighting accessories such as flashes and CFLs, they do just the opposite thing.
  • Use the front light carefully! – Front lighting is used to highlight the foreground texture by making it quite emphasizing. Thus, we suggest that it is good for portrait shoots. However, it will help in covering any type of scars or blemishes on your clients or the subject’s face.

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Pictures with colorful lights!

About the Cute Jodi!

In this Vibrant Wedding Shoot in Punjab, we have captured the couple in their adorable look. For this shot, we have guided the couple to stand together and give a similar pose with hands. On the one side, the bride is captured wearing a white shimmery gown with complementing accessories. Moreover, her red Chudda is seeking more attention in her whole attire. On the other side, the groom is wearing a formal brown suit, which is making him look handsome and perfect with his love.

Studio Memory Lane, provides Vibrant Wedding Shoot in Punjab!

When you think of booking the professional photographers for your wedding or pre-wedding ceremony, then, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here with all those services. Moreover, you might be having a long list of services that you are expecting from your photographers such as quality, creativity, etc, then we can fulfill all your expectations. Also, we have all the latest technical devices with a skilled and experienced team.

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