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Wedding Photographer in Bathinda | Aesthetic Photoshoot!

Wedding Photographer in Bathinda | Aesthetic Photoshoot!

Love is the feeling that can be felt anywhere. Nature has many elements to alliterate such feelings. Moreover, nature spots seem to be the best place to spend quality time together. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane– the best wedding photographer in Bathinda, are there with such nature-inspired themes and ideas for your pre-wedding photo-shoot.

As young couples are very crazy about trending photo-shoots such as destination photo-shoot or pre-wedding photo-shoot, they want every shot either to be nostalgic or an ideal example for couple-goal. It is so, because the couples understand the need of sharing and expressing love with their partner. Thus, we bring lots of ideas and themes just for you, so that you can flaunt your social media with the best pictures.

About the picture portrayed by the best wedding photographer in Bathinda

Above given picture is one of the best examples of work that we – Studio Memory Lane, are providing in every type of photo-shoot. Here, in this picture, we used the nature in the background to bring out all the vibrant colors of the shot. The hue-effect is working very well in eliminating the dark shadows. We suggested the couple to shoot in the forest region near the stream. In addition, we advised the couple to sit together and enjoy the surroundings. The stream is giving the mirror-effect that is enhancing the presentation of the shot.

About the Cute Jodi!

Here, we – the best wedding photographer in Bathinda, have elegantly captured the couple in contrasting Punjabi traditional attires.  In this picture, the bride-to-be is wearing a beautiful orange Punjabi Suit with matching accessory like Mang-Tikaa and danglers. She is also wearing Punjabi Jutti that is making her look more traditional. On the other side, the groom-to-be is wearing the traditional black Kurta-Pajama with Tille Wali Jutti. Their smiles are looking just phenomenal! However, the expressions of the couple are revealing their happiness that they both share mutually.

About the Studio Memory Lane

Whether it is wedding photo-shoot or pre-wedding photo-shoot, we have all the required props and trending ideas to capture all the quality shots. We have proper lightning system and modifiers to enhance the facial expressions of the couple. Our photographers have experience of many years in this field. Moreover, we use all the updated technical devices and equipment for HQ work. Apart from Bathinda, we are providing our services across the nation.

If you are also searching for the ultimate pre-wedding photo-shoot, then we the best wedding photographer in Bathinda, are there to make you look trendy.

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