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Top wedding photographers in Jalandhar | Engaged Couple!

Top wedding photographers in Jalandhar | Engaged Couple!

Every couple celebrates their love with the precious gifts. The most precious gift that they share is the love bands, which are exchanged on the engagement ceremony. These moments are the best part of our wedding memories. Thus, we at Studio Memory Lanetop wedding photographers in Jalandhar, capture such moments with utmost passion and hard-work.

Engagement ceremony is a kind of get together where all the dear ones gather and celebrate the love of the couple. The whole atmosphere is full of happiness and joyful colors. It is a day when two souls knot up in a lifelong relationship.

About the elegant pose shot by Top wedding photographers in Jalandhar

This picture is perfect example for the daylight and half closer shot. This angle is covering the half view of the couple. Moreover, it is focusing on the couple, making them look complementing together. Here, we at Studio Memory Lane – a team of best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, used portrait filter to enhance the depth and contrast of the scene. Whereas, the brightness of the picture is balanced to subtle the ratio of object as well as foreground details.

About the Stunning Couple!

Couple is looking very happy and friendly which you can see on their faces. While, the Top wedding photographers in Jalandhar are portraying the formal attire of the couple. The groom-to-be is in formal black suit with maroon Turban. On the other hand, the bride-to-be is wearing a heavy grey gown. Also, she is teaming up with heavy necklace with dangling earrings that make her look so pretty!

About the Studio Memory Lane

Our team is fully equipped with the best camera kits and lightening set up, as we at Studio Memory Lane, are reviewed best for providing our quality work at very reasonable packages. Our main motto is to do quality work and to provide you the best experience of photo shoot.

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