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Top pre-wedding photographer Hoshiarpur | Living the moment!

Top pre-wedding photographer Hoshiarpur | Living the moment!

According to us, ‘Living the Moment’ means to live all the moments not only for once, but at the same time, to capture those moments and to recreate them for lifetime. Thus, for such satisfactory photo shoot, we Studio Memory Lane – the top pre-wedding photographer Hoshiarpur, are there to capture those moments for you.

Top pre-wedding photographer Hoshiarpur

A perfect shot!

This is a daytime shot in which our team of Studio Memory Lane, has used the main source of light i.e. sun, in a very innovative manner. Here, we suggested the couple to pose while sitting together on the embedded floor of heavy stones.

The most appealing part of this picture is the usage of natural elements in the background, which are letting DSLR cameras to focus on the subject. In addition, the modifiers and beam lights are working effectively to highlight the foreground. Here, the frame is covering the tree at their back with certain great height.

Cute couple!

Living the moment!

In this picture, the camera of top pre-wedding photographer Hoshiarpur captured the stunning bride-to-be wearing the long purple flare dress. She is also carrying the matching accessory such as heavy danglers. In addition, she is looking fabulous with the open hair around her face.

On the other side, the groom-to-be is carrying the perfect color contrast that is making his attire look just perfect with his beloved attire. Here, he is wearing the black formal shirt with the formal pent and shoes. Moreover, he is carrying black shades.

Studio Memory Lane

When it comes to capture the moments and to preserve them for lifetime, we at Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there with all the latest and updated techniques and devices. We always prefer to use the perfect lightning system and modifiers to highlight the facial expressions and emotions.

Moreover, we have all the required props that enhance the presentation of your pictures. Our team of highly skilled and professional photographers has experience of many years. We always try to turn your desires and aspirations into reality.

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If you are also searching for the best photo shoot experience, then we Studio Memory Lanetop pre-wedding photographer Hoshiarpur, are there at your service. Being passionate towards photography, we provide quality services.

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