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Top Candid Photographer Mohali | You are my home!

Top Candid Photographer Mohali | You are my home!

All the new trends of showing love are very popular among couples. Pre-wedding photo-shoot is one of the famous trends that is loved by them. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane –  the top candid photographer Mohali, are there to capture all those moments.

We have all the new trending ideas that will enhance your photo-shoot experience and will provide you the quality results. Thus, our team has introduced various types of photo-shoots such as pre-wedding photography etc.

Top candid photographer Mohali

Perfect shot!

It is one of the best candid shots that you can expect from our team. Here, this shot is taken in the Studio. All the props and set-up is well planned and executed by the photographers of Studio Memory Lane. You can also see the details captured by the DSLR cameras, which are just phenomenal!

The background is well illuminated with the use of perfect lightning system and umbrella modifiers. In addition, both are suggested to pose naturally in a candid way while sitting beside each other on sofa. In addition, the background with different colors has properly matched with the attire of the couple.

The Elegant Jodi

You are my home!

Here, both are looking happy with each other. The bride-to-be is wearing a crop top with long skirt having floral patterns. She is also carrying small danglers with open hair. Moreover, both are wearing pair watches and their engagement rings.

On the other side, the top candid photographer Mohali captured groom-to-be carrying the casual coat with matching trousers. Their expressions are revealing their love for each other that will make their relation stronger and healthier.

Studio Memory Lane

When it comes to any occasion or celebration, all you want is the best photography services that can capture all the details of the event. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there at your service.

We use all the latest and innovative ideas to make your pictures look one of its own. Moreover, we have all the required props and perfect lightning system to enhance the expressions as well as the quality of the picture. Apart from Mohali, we are providing all types of photo-shoot across the nation. In addition, we have the best-experienced and skilled photographers at your service.

Stay tuned!

If you are looking for the best photo-shoot experience, then we the top candid photographer Mohali, are there at your service.

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