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Bride & Groom To Be | Punjabi Pre-Wedding Photography

Bride & Groom To Be | Punjabi Pre-Wedding Photography

The couple posing for the Punjabi pre-wedding photography is extremely happy. It is so because they are soon to be tagged as Bride and Groom.

The feeling is beyond explanation!

As a Bride

There is no other heart-felt feeling as similar as being a bride. A girl always dreams about her wedding. Wedding is a day about which all the girls read in fairy tales. They make up beautiful imaginations about this special day. The time they meet their life partner, their imaginary world becomes real. Thus, pre-wedding photo shoot is mandatory to cherish the pleasure of meeting a soul mate.

As a Groom

For a boy, love is sensitive. It is all about trust and security. They don’t really believe in fairy tales, but they wait for this special day – Wedding, to meet their better half. The time they meet their love of life, the gentlemen are always ready to bring their life partner to home. It is always a touched journey for a groom to see himself getting prepared to be a perfect Husband.

Thus, we can say that courtship period is very special for both of them – The Bride and The Groom!

About the Punjabi Couple

This is what we wanted to portray in this picture as well. The Punjabi pre-wedding photography of this couple is captured by experiencing the feeling of something special is going to happen very soon.

About us

It takes a lot of hard-word to capture the special moments of someone’s life in one still frame. Being a team of professional pre wedding photographers in Chandigarh – we, at Studio Memory Lane, are always passionate about working that way for our wedding couples.

About Pre-wedding photography

  1. For pre-wedding photo shoot, you must visit some beautiful destinations.
  2. Themes create more magic for a photograph to look perfect.
  3. For capturing unique and classy photographs, you must try different styles of photography.
  4. You can have a glance on our recent pre-wedding photo shoot video of Dubai.

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