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Pre-wedding photographer Mohali | Being Filmy!

Pre-wedding photographer Mohali | Being Filmy!

Every couple wish to have some quality time to create memories or to understand each other very well. When it comes to capturing these memories, then there is one of the famous trends now-a-days, known as Pre-wedding Photography. Thus, we – Studio Memory Lane – the professional pre-wedding photographer Mohali, are there for this type of photography. All you need is your partner to get ready for the amazing photo shoot experience with us.

Whether you wish for the special set-ups or any filmy theme, we are having all the arrangements for you. Even in today’s time, the filmy theme is one of best innovative part to recreate the special scenes of your favorite movie with your own partner, as you are going to be the main Hero and Heroine.

Pre-wedding photographer Mohali

Titanic Pose!

Here, we, Studio Memory Lanethe best wedding photographers Mohali, are resenting the couple who just love like the Rose and Jack of Titanic Movie – the epic love story. Being inspired from the same movie, the couple wants to relive their moment. We suggested the couple to pose while standing with each other near the top of the hill to enjoy their company with natural beauty. For this shot, we used the umbrella modifiers and perfect lightning system that is highlighting the couple. Moreover, the lights are coordinating with the DSLR cameras to create focus on the main subjects. Also, such perfection has eliminated the dark shadows very well.

About the Future Husband & Wife

Being Filmy!

The most lovable and cute couple is captured in the lenses of the Studio Memory lane – best pre-wedding photographer Mohali. Here, the couple is wearing the matching western attires that are inspired from the 90’s look. The bride-to-be is wearing the red floral pattern filled short dress with black footwear. On the other hand, the groom-to-be is wearing the red color contrasting shirt with light blue jeans and brown formal shoes. Their looks are making them unique in this modern century and even bringing out the nostalgic touch too.

Studio Memory Lane – the pre-wedding photographer Mohali

With all the memories, you experience many special emotions. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there to capture such emotions in one frame. We have all the latest and updated technical equipment that will enhance the quality of the picture. Whenever it comes to quality, you all want the best backgrounds, frames, and props. All such things must suit your attire as well as your event. Our team of well-experienced photographers has the collection of the most creative ideas that will help you to present your pictures in more appealing way.

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If you are also looking for the best photographers across the nation, then we, Studio Memory Lane – the best pre-wedding photographer Mohali, are there with the best services for you.

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