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Photographers in Phagwara | Pre-wedding set-ups!

Photographers in Phagwara | Pre-wedding set-ups!

Whether it is about wedding or pre-wedding, all you want is to capture all the memories for your lifetime. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best photographers in Phagwara, are there with all the best and trendy ideas to make your memories one of their own.

Best photographers in Phagwara

Conceptualize Shot!

Here is a perfect picture captured in the lenses of Studio Memory Lanethe best wedding photographers in Phagwara, with all the effects and balanced view. It is a shot taken in the studio based set-up. The new crane camera technique is used to capture all the elements around the couple in one frame. The daylight is coordinating with the DSLR cameras to capture HD clarity shots. The main background of blue and yellow color is well highlighted as it is complementing their attire. Here, the cycle is used as the prop as well.

Pre-wedding Photo shoot Tips!

Pre-wedding photography is all about cherishing the moments of love just before actually getting married. Setting the most wonderful memories behind the frames of still photographs is something that takes you back to the happy times.

  • NIGHT LIGHT: Sometimes, dim lights in the middle of night set the environment for perfect couple shots.
  • RAIN SHOOT: Rain is all about love and tenderness. You feel the vibes when its droplets touch your heart. It gives an eye catchy look to your pictures. You can get some good shots with raindrops all over.
  • BEACH IS ALWAYS LOVE: Beach scenes are always breath taking. You get watery backgrounds. It makes your pictures look attractive and wonderful. It creates its own vibes for the couple.
  • UNDERWATER ROMANCE: When couple knows the swimming perfectly and you have the skilled trainers, then underwater pre-wedding shoot is the best choice.
  • TRADITION IS THE NEW TREND: Couples wear traditional clothes and cultural backgrounds are used for such type of photography. The idea looks so different and unique.

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Pre-wedding set-ups!


Here, you can see the bride-to-be carrying a heavy golden lace work gown with matching accessories such as Tiara (Wreath) etc. Such an elegant look of her is adding charm to the shot. On the other hand, the groom-to-be is wearing red Shervani that is completely contrasting with his beloved attire. Both are complementing each other very well and their smiles are revealing their excitement and happiness of having their companionship for whole life.

Studio Memory Lane – photographers in Phagwara

When it comes to capture the high technical photo-shoot, then we have the best team for that. We are organizing such shoots from many years and have affordable packages as per your needs. In addition, our themes are even customized for capturing the event as you want. Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are providing 24*7 services across the nation.

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