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Phagwara pre-wedding photographers | #MehakGotParruled

Phagwara pre-wedding photographers | #MehakGotParruled

Pre-wedding is the best way to capture all the memories that you make with your love partner. Thus, we Studio Memory lane – the professional phagwara pre-wedding photographers, are there with all the services that will enhance the presentation of your pictures and make them one of their own.

Phagwara pre-wedding photographers

90’s Shot!

In this picture, we Studio Memory Lane have made the perfect use of the lights as well as the ambiance. It is portraying the best pre-wedding picture for their cover page of album. Here, we suggested the couple to stand hugging each other, near the pool of the venue. We have taken this shot to cover the couple as well as the venue in single frame. The zoom lenses are coordinating with the DSLR cameras to get this shot very elegantly.

Lighting Tips to get beautiful black & white shots!

Black and white shots are always challenging part of photography. One needs to maintain the perfect balance between the lightning system as well as the equipment. So, here are the tips that will help you to make perfect lightning set-up for such shots:

  • Forget color temperature:  Always remember that you’re not shooting in colors, so don’t worry about the color temperature of your bulbs as they are not going to affect anyway.
  • Put focus on light quality: All it refers to how the light does behave or how it affects or connect with your subject and its surroundings.  There are two types of affect – hard and soft light, the key concepts that one needs to focus on.
  • Must use shadows for creating the texture:  Shadows are the huge assets as by using them one can add texture and depth. We suggest you to use the branches and blinds to create interesting shapes that can show movement in your scene.

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About the ‘Made for each other’


It really feels satisfied and happy, when god gifts you such a nice and understanding partner. Here, both are carrying their western attires. We as the best phagwara pre-wedding photographers, have captured both of them in such loving pose, where the bride-to-be is wearing the long gown with open silky hair. On the other side, the groom-to-be is wearing the formal suit with formal shoes. Both are looking very much involved with each other.

Studio Memory Lane – Phagwara pre-wedding photographers

Capturing all the moments whether they are related to wedding or pre-wedding event, all such memories are special and enjoyable. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there to make them more enjoyable for you. Our quality work will definitely leave imprint on your heart. We use all the latest and updated DSLR cameras to make your pictures look like they are speaking out their emotions. Apart from equipment, we have all the perfect lights and props that will help in covering the pictures in high quality.

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If you are also looking for the best photographers in Phagwara, then we the professional Phagwara pre-wedding photographers, are there for making your photo shoot experience as the best one.

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