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How to do perfect Candid Couple Photography? – Studio Memory Lane

How to do perfect Candid Couple Photography? – Studio Memory Lane

If you are wondering about how to do perfect candid couple photography, then you are reading the right article. The picture above in the best example of such photography. Studio Memory Lane, a team of best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh as well, has its talented hands behind this beautiful capture.

The candid photography looks more beautiful and attractive when it is captured professionally. Professional photographers know which angle is required to get a perfect candid click. It should be more natural and random.

Moreover, the person posing in the picture should not notice the camera. It is like a secret mission to get the best pictures of someone’s real feelings and emotions. Facial expressions reflect the eternal happiness and it is mandatory to save those moments for life time through candid photography.

How to do perfect candid couple photography? | Its basics

Use Telephoto lens

The lens that is used for photographing the couple must be of long zoom. Also, you must give space to them i.e. stay out of their notice that you are photographing them. In that case, telephoto lens or long zoom works wonders to take perfect pictures from particular distance.

Don’t use flash

Avoid using flash light while photographing a couple as it can ruin a beautiful moment with its sharp lighting. Click pictures at natural light mode. It does not disturb any one. Also, your camera does not come into notice.

Click a lot of random poses

Couples having the bond of love get to celebrate a lot of candid moments. So, click a lot of candid shots for having a best one. When couples express their feelings, the facial expressions demand to be captured, specially when they get shy.

Click with hiding strategy

You can’t tell the couple that you are clicking their picture if you want to click perfect candid photograph. You need to place the camera behind something. It creates a beautiful frame for the picture as well.

Well, all these are some basic things to do for a perfect candid click. You can improve your photography skills by practise more and more!

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