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Engagement Ceremony – Kanwar & Jasmeet

Engagement Ceremony – Kanwar & Jasmeet

Engagement ceremony is a wonderful experience of life. It makes the bond of love stronger even more. Kanwar & Jasmeet set an example for the same. Their love is like a musical tie – a single note which comes out by playing two different musical notes. Music connects strings of hearts. So, they were perfectly tuned to play melodies for each other. Their expressions of happiness were instrumental and also needed to capture for recomposing a lovely record.

Professional videography and photography played an important role in making their day a wonder. Moreover, they love their engagement ceremony shots clicked from the different angles. Photographs of their wedding portray intimacy. Professional photographers can see it from camera’s eye at the right time. With a team of experts, professional videographers filmed a perfect love story.

We at Studio Memory Lane are equipped with skills and passion to make an engagement ceremony memorable. For providing quality to our customers, we make sure to live into the vibes of love. It is important to do so for getting into the emotions of that very moment. It results in what customers actually demand. So, with the idea of recreating emotions while cherishing the memories of special occasion, we work at our wits to provide a wonderful memory lane.


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