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Drowning into Eyes | Pre-Wedding photo shoot |

Drowning into Eyes | Pre-Wedding photo shoot |

Drowning into deep water does no good to your life but drowning into someone’s eyes is the best thing you can do in your love life. You can drown for good only in the eyes of that special one with whom you are going to face every low or high wave of life. Similarly, the couple in this picture is portraying an amazing chemistry in the form of their pre-wedding photo shoot.  Both are looking into each other’s eyes as these are suppose to have deep ocean of love. Holding hands, they both are doing promises with utmost affection and trust.

We, as a team of Studio Memory Lane, have seen their electrifying chemistry and thus we thought the idea to have this pre-wedding photo shoot inside water. Nothing is better than a river with amazing backgrounds to click epic shots. You can get amazing back view when you shoot at the places with a lots of water and greenery. Being professional pre-wedding photographers in Punjab, we usually choose these kind of locations for better results.

Why Choose Us?

If you are thinking about why choose to us for your pre-wedding photo shoot, then the reason is that we always give proper attention to the customer’s preferences. Doing so, we can fulfill your demands properly. Now a days, we are exploring new styles of photography. In case of pre-wedding photography, we always look forward to pick up our camera when you call us from whatsoever region in Punjab or India.


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