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Couple Photo shoot in Chandigarh | Pre wedding photography!

Couple Photo shoot in Chandigarh | Pre wedding photography!

Every couple has its own love story and we as, Studio Memory Laneare providing the best couple photo shoot in Chandigarh, are always available. We are here to capture all of your special moments that will ultimately enhance your story with your partner. Being a couple, you must have many experiences and moments which, we are going to capture in the lens of our professional cameras.

Even, nowadays it is very common to see the couple planning for their pre-wedding photo-shoot with unique and trending ideas. All the memories are going to become the greatest source of happiness for you. It is like a love that blooms any relation and gives you the courage to face any rough situation in your life. We always try to capture the shot in a very elegant manner, so that your emotions will look more natural and gentle.

Couple Photo shoot in Chandigarh

About the Blurry Shot!

This shot is taken in a unique manner, where we have used the blurring technique for the couple photo shoot in Chandigarh. In such a technique, the wide-angle cameras are working efficiently. However, at the same time, the corners of the frame are looking blur. It is helpful in creating more focus on the subject. Also, the shot is taken with dim light while the balance and vintage effects. Moreover, we suggested the couple to pose while facing each other and embracing with a light hug.

About the Jodi 

Sohna Mukhda!

Here, the cameras of Studio Memory Lane have captured the couple in western attire. On the one side, the groom-to-be is wearing a white t-shirt with blue jeans. On the other hand, the bride-to-be is wearing a twinning top with similar color jeans. Both of them are looking very cute. Moreover, the bride-to-be is looking very chubby, as she is carrying a hairband as an accessory.

Studio Memory Lane – Best couple photo shoot in Chandigarh

All couples have the desire to capture some special shots at their favorite destination with their partner. Therefore, we the Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, are there to bring out your all aspirations in reality. We have a team of professional and highly skilled photographers for capturing high-quality pictures. Moreover, we use all the latest techniques to make you look trendy and updated. Also, we always prefer to use the best lighting and studio-based set-ups to get the candid shots.

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If you are also looking for destination photography or pre-wedding photography, then we, Studio Memory Lane, are providing the best couple photo shoot in Chandigarh, are there for providing you the best experience.

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