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Chandigarh pre wedding photography | Tera fitoor!

Chandigarh pre wedding photography | Tera fitoor!

Falling in love – the most nostalgic feeling. No matter what the circumstances will be there in your life, such feeling will help you to gain the confidence of having someone by your side, . Therefore, the moments you are going to create with that person are priceless, so we, Studio Memory Lane, are providing professional Chandigarh pre wedding photography, are here at your service.

Chandigarh pre wedding photography

About the frame!

Here, you can visualize one of the best pieces of work done by Studio Memory Lane. As per the needs of the couple, we have managed the whole set-up. Here, we have made an arranged of artificial flowers in the bottom for the interesting frame. The crane camera has done its job efficiently and even is well-coordinated with the lighting system. However, the use of such technical device has illuminated the shot. It has also helped in covering all the dark shadows. Moreover, to make it more impressive, we have suggested the couple to pose in which the groom-to-be is lying down on ground and bride-to-be is standing near him.

Framing Photography!

Framing refers to the presentation of visual elements of an image. Also, when it comes to place the elements in the background or foreground. So, such type of photography has some special elements that are listed below:

Architectural Elements

It is very basic to use various architectural elements in the picture frame such as doorways, window frames, archways, framed mirrors. Besides, it provides an interesting and creative touch to your images.

Environmental Elements

Other basic elements that make your frames look more presentable is the nature, which includes trees, grasses, flowers, or bushes. Moreover, it can often bring more attention to your subject.

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About the Jodi

Tera fitoor!

Being professionals in providing Chandigarh pre wedding photography, we always believe in generating quality work to our clients. For this shot, the couple is wearing western attires. On one side, you can see the groom-to-be wearing the white t-shirt with a green leather jacket and black sports shoes. On the other side, the bride-to-be is wearing a matching top with trousers and a pair of white sporty shoes, which are making her to look super cute and innocent.

Studio Memory Lane – Chandigarh pre wedding photography

All the happy and joyful moments are meant to be captured in the lenses of the Studio memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab. Not all photographers are as professional as us. It is so, because we have a team of photographers who have excellence and experience of many years  in this field. Moreover, we always prefer to use well-maintained and latest technical devices for covering any type of event. Quality is what we work for, not for quantity ‘– we mean it and follow it as well. Apart from, you can book us for any type of photo-shoot facility across the nation.

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If you are also looking for the best photographers in Chandigarh, then we, Studio Memory Lane, are providing professional Chandigarh pre wedding photography, are there at your doorstep!

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