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Chandigarh Pre-wedding Photographers | Loving the Moment!

Chandigarh Pre-wedding Photographers | Loving the Moment!

Pre-wedding photo shoots are becoming very trendy now-a-days. They are considered to be the best way of spending quality time with your partner. Also, at the same time, they provide opportunity to understand and know each other very well. Thus, we Studio memory lane –the professional chandigarh pre-wedding photographers, are there to suggest you the best poses for your pre-wedding photo shoot.

Chandigarh Pre-wedding Photographers

Capturing the Moment!

Here, you can see the couple posing in front of prop captured by best wedding photographers in Chandigarh. This shot is completely studio based set-up where we, Studio Memory Lane, arranged the huge LOVE prop and asked the bride-to-be to sit down and the groom-to-be to stand on her other side. We used the DSLR cameras for capturing the details of the subject. Moreover, we used the perfect lightning system and modifiers to enhance the facial expressions of the couple. We also blurred the background to make the subject highlight very well.

Using the perfect backgrounds!

The beauty of any photograph can be enhanced when it is captured in a right way. In addition, presenting background in a right way is a challenging task for photographers. So, for all the beginners and professional candid wedding photographers Chandigarh, we have come up with the tips for choosing the best background according to the event, tips are as follow:

  • PROVIDE YOUR SUBJECT SOME DISTANCE: Keeping some distance between your subject and your background will make it look sharp and background can be blurred out.
  • FILL YOUR FRAME WITH YOUR SUBJECT: This is a very effective way to avoid the distraction produced by the backgrounds. Use your zoom lens and take a nice shot. This will lead to a good impact shot.
  • USE CONTRAST: This technique is very good and helpful in drawing attention to the subject. Dark backgrounds are not suitable for the people who have dark complexion.
  • CHANGE YOUR POINT OF VIEW:  If you want to compose a photo and you find any distractions, then you should change the position of your camera.

To read the full article, you can go through our blog on PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS FOR RIGHT BACKGROUND IMAGES in our Blog Section.

Loving the Moment!

Tumse Pyaar Hua!

Here, you can see both are complementing each other very well. On one side, the best chandigarh pre-wedding photographers, captured the bride-to-be wearing heavy peach gown with golden zari work on it. She is also wearing matching accessories such as danglers and Tiara etc that are adding charm to her look. On the other side, the groom-to-be is wearing the color contrasting Shervani of red color. It is giving him the royal look in the frames of top candid wedding photographers Chandigarh.

Studio Memory Lane – the professional pre-wedding photographers

When it comes to capture the natural poses in your events then, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, are available with the best technical equipment and team of expertise. Also, we have different camera kits and lightning set ups. Such things enable us to take perfect shots even in the low organized areas. We are even available across various parts of the country. To make our facilities more accessible, we even have special arrangement for the shooting team within one day.

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