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Candid wedding photographers in Mohali | Happily ever after!

Candid wedding photographers in Mohali | Happily ever after!

Loving someone is the best feeling, but marrying and living our life with that special one is really an awesome experience. The moment before and after marriage are worth celebrating, where we at Studio Memory Lane the best Candid wedding photographers in Mohali, are available to capture those celebrations for lifetime.

When two souls with pure heart decide to spend their whole life together, it becomes more joyful. Thus, for a couple, there are lots of events, after and before marriage, that need to be captured in an album.

About the happy souls

It’s completely true that – ‘Couples are made in heaven’ and this picture proves the same thing. Also, it shows the happiness and the love both share together. In this picture, the groom is wearing a formal black suit which adds up spark to his appearance. While, the bride is wearing the heavy silver and off-white gown and with a subtle jewelry. Moreover, she is wearing Chudda (bridal bangles) over her hands. Also, she is having beautiful henna patterns on her hands. Both, bride and groom, are thoroughly complementing each other.

About the Picture portrayed by Candid wedding photographers in Mohali

This picture is one of the most amazing pictures, as Studio Memory Lane introduces new theme for this happy couple. To enhance the facial expression and to make it more vibrant, the light set up has a very major role in it. While red rose petals are blown to give it romantic touch. The background is hidden to focus on the couple. Moreover, the shot is taken on the stairs while both are sitting facing each other. There smile and natural laugh enhances the beauty of the moment.

About Studio Memory Lane

A happy married life has lots of moments to be captured. So, our team of best professional Candid wedding photographers in Mohali has the perfect themes to take your experience at ultimate level. Our services are available across the nation with 24×7. We have new trending ideas and equipment to make your album look more than you ever expected.

If you also want to capture your marriage life with new themes of Studio Memory Lane – the best Candid wedding photographers in Mohali and Punjab, then you can easily contact us for more information via:

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