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Candid wedding Photographers in Moga | Bangle Ceremony!

Candid wedding Photographers in Moga | Bangle Ceremony!

Many small functions come before the D-Day. Such functions are like Mehndi Ceremony, Ladies Sangeet and Bangle Ceremony. Among all these functions – the bangle ceremony is one of the colorful functions where the relatives and friends in the family of bride-to-be celebrate together. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lanethe best candid wedding photographers in Moga, are there to capture all the memories so, that you can preserve them for lifetime.

In this ceremony, the bride-to-be prepares a lot beforehand to get such elegant look. All the guests and friends assemble to shower blessings on her. The bride-to-be experiences happiness for her upcoming life with his partner, but at same time feels emotional as she have to leave everything behind there in her maternal home.

About the picture clicked by the best candid wedding photographers in Moga

This picture is one of the best shots, where you can witness the use of new techniques. Here, we used the bangle as a frame and made focus on the bride-to-be. It is creating the hue-effect in the shot where we blurred the foreground to illuminate the subject. Moreover, the best camera kits are used to click high-quality pictures. All the proper lightning system and modifiers are working to eliminate the dark shadows. The editing done in this picture is balancing the brightness and contrast of the shot to make it more natural and appealing.

About the cute bride-to-be!

Here, in this picture, the bride-to-be is wearing the traditional Punjabi orange suit with heavy embroidery. Also, she is wearing many red and green glass bangles in her hands. These bangles symbolize as Shagun – (omen) for the future life of the couple. Her smile is looking very cute! We as, the best candid wedding photographers in Moga, has captured the bride-to-be in her most adorable looks. With detail work, we are representing her floral jewelry. Her danglers are providing perfect volume to her face.

About the Studio Memory Lane

We have all the new and updated equipment that enhance your experience. We as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, have all the latest and trending ideas that can make your pre-wedding photo-shoot as the way you want. Apart from Moga, we are providing our services across the nation for 24*7.

If you are looking for the best candid wedding photographers in Moga, then we are here to provide all types of photo-shoot for ultimate experience.

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