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Candid Couple | Professional pre-wedding photography

Candid Couple | Professional pre-wedding photography

Candid pictures are best to capture random poses. Studio Memory Lane, a team of professional wedding photographers in Chandigarh, serves at best when it comes to professional pre-wedding photography. The couple in this picture is posing for a candid picture. Being in love, they both are happy to start a new beginning of their life. Just before actually tying into the ritual threads, they both are cherishing different colors of their love life.

This couple wanted a perfect professional pre-wedding photography. Waiting for the special day of wedding to come soon, both wanted to cherish each moment together. Their chemistry was mind-blowing. We captured different shot for them. Then, we visited on beautiful destinations for amazing backgrounds. This couple is portraying a wonderful love story behind the candid frames of trust and faith.

This is how we shoot for our wedding couples in the form of professional pre-wedding photography. Serving at our best, we always ty to understand the customers’ perspective. Framing the wonderful memory lane, we make sure to follow the latest trends of photography. The more we explore, the more we work hard to set high benchmarks. All we want to serve you the best. We are coming up with amazing Couple Stories every week. Just stay tune with us!


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