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Best wedding photographers in Mohali | The Wedding Day

Best wedding photographers in Mohali | The Wedding Day

The D-Day has its own aura. In India weddings are the best occasion to express the happiness and love. It is the day that is very special for both Bride and groom, as they have lots of dreams and thoughts to make it up look just PERFECT! Thus, we at Studio Memory Lane – the best wedding photographers in Mohali, are here to provide any kind of photography services for such special occasions.

Wedding is the ritual that ties the couple in life long relationship and creates sense of responsibility, tenderness and care towards each other. Here the family, friends and relatives are present to bless the couple and to celebrate the happiness of being ‘Two Bodies and One Soul!

Wedding can become more mesmerize if we can capture all the small rituals that going around, whether it is the friends and family rocking on the stage or it is the most emotional part of occasion i.e Bidai (farewell where bride says a final goodbye to her family and friends).

About the Picture by best wedding photographers in Mohali

In this picture, all the lime lights and eyes are on couple. That is why, it is captured with a loveliest pose where the groom is holding bride’s hand. The picture is clicked with glooming lights, where DSLR and other set of equipment, have clicked the picture with very fine edges and also created foreground more appealing and eye pleasing. The photograph, clicked by best wedding photographers in Mohali, depicts the minute details where the dress and mehndi patterns provide extra dimension to the couple’s album.

About the Love Birds

Wedding is all about the occasion dedicated to the groom and bride. As in this picture we can easily portray the loving and friendly relation they both have. Although, both are looking bubbly and the attires with light pink and cream shades are just setting up the perfect contrast, making them look Made For Each Other! Whereas, the girl is wearing eye catchy CHUDDA and KALEERE with flared LEHNGA while, the groom wearing the light pink TURBAN and KALGI with elegant SHERWANI. Such ethnic look inspired many others to dream their weddings like this.

About the Studio Memory Lane

Wedding shoots are incomplete without the minute details and capturing the whole day event from welcoming the guests to the farewell. Well, these are all the moments consist of emotions and affection. We, at Studio Memory Lane, have best wedding photographers in Mohali to cover all the aspects of the event where every minute detail is captured, so that you can get the best memory of your D-DAY. Also, we Celebrate Your Wedding’ with our 24×7 services across the India with all technical updated equipment.

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