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Best Wedding Photographers in Amritsar | Groom Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Amritsar | Groom Photography

There are ample of events that you want to capture in the form of pictures and want to preserve them. One such event is wedding. It is a day full of excitement, happiness, and celebration for all the loved ones that we, as Studio Memory Lanethe best wedding photographers in Amritsar capture. Whether it is the groom or the bride, both experience the same nervousness about the future and bond they are going to share.

Just like a beautiful bride, the groom is the main center of attraction. He is the one who is going to share all the ups – downs with the ‘Queen of his heart’. Also, as a responsible man, he is the one who is going to protect her after his father. It is so, because he is the man of her dreams to whom she was finding for so long.

About the shot clicked by the Best Wedding Photographers in Amritsar

Here, the picture is taken from the DSLR-HD cameras that are presenting the groom in a presentable manner. The groom is having a natural pose and the smile he is carrying on his face adds spark to it. There is a use of special effect to blur the foreground and the background of groom, to present the picture as a portrait. The picture is having a perfect balance in contrast and brightness. Moreover, all the vibrant colors are showing a special eye-catchy effect in the picture.

About the Sardar Ji!

Wedding tends to be a very special day for groom. He begins with lots of preparation and wants to look perfect. Here, the groom is a handsome Sardar, who is carrying a bright red Turban. Here, the Kalgi (an accessory) is decorating his Turban in a very beautiful manner. The Best Wedding Photographers in Amritsar portrayed the groom in a perfect frame, wearing traditional attire Sherwani with Pajami. The eyes of the groom are looking for her ladylove as he is ready to make her fall in love once again.

About the Studio Memory Lane

Amritsar is famous for being a sacred city as it is blessed by the Guru’s in Sikh religion. Moreover, this is one of the best cities in Punjab – with Wedding Palaces and Resorts. We at, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, have the experience of many years to cover all types of events. Apart from Amritsar, our services are available across the nation. We always prefer to use all the latest equipment and ideas, that are trending. In addition, we are providing our services for 24*7.

If you are also looking for the best portraits, then we – the best wedding photographers in Amritsar are here at your service.

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