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Best Wedding photographer Nawanshahr | Photography at its best!

Best Wedding photographer Nawanshahr | Photography at its best!

Wedding is the day that celebrates the love and bond of the couple. On this day, the couples carry their perfect color contrasting traditional attires to look ‘Made for Each Other’. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lane – the best wedding photographer Nawanshahr, are there to grab all the special moments of the event for your wedding album.

In India, wedding is a ritual that is performed to tie the couple in the knots of love and relationship that last for their whole life. This relation gives them opportunity to share their happiness and problems with each other.

About the frame created by the best wedding photographer Nawanshahr

In this picture, you can see the special background effect that is enhancing the colors. In addition, we used the front lights to create dark-shadow on the wall. We, Studio Memory Lane used umbrella modifier for highlighting facial expressions. This shot is taken by using long length aperture to create wide angle. The hue-effect is working very efficiently to highlight the subject. This picture is taken from the down-angle in which the photographer is sitting down to capture the standing pose of the elegant groom.

About the Handsome Groom!

Here, we the best wedding photographer Nawanshahr captured handsome groom. He is wearing the two different color contrast Shervani of dark blue and orange shade. He is carrying the contrasting color Turban as well with Mala (an accessory). Also, he is carrying Talwar – that is a weapon for self-defense. It symbolizes the protection that the groom provides. Before marriage, the girl’s father or brother does this duty but after marriage, it is his duty to take care of the respect of his wife. Moreover, it is his responsibility to protect her from all evil and in-human activities of the society.

About the Studio Memory Lane

All that comes first in your wedding preparations’ list is the photography. Whether it is demand for the perfect ideas or poses for the bride or the groom, we are there at your service. We used all the latest and best camera kits for enhancing your experience of photo-shoot with us. You can choose us, as we are the Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh,  with all the latest and trendy ideas to make your picture look like the ‘Couple Goals’. Apart from Nawanshahr, we are available in all parts of nation with all types of photo-shoots for you.

If you also want such experience and quality work, then we – the best wedding photographer Nawanshahr, are there at your service.

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