Wedding – a day with sparkling lights and crackers, bundle of joys, loud music, happy relatives, yummillicious food, with Band Baja, a handsome Dulha (Groom) and a gorgeous Dulhan (Bride). These are some of the most beautiful imaginary picture we have in our minds, when we talk or even think about Wedding.


A bond, not only between the bride and groom, but also between the two families, a relation forever is to be made with the rituals on the auspicious day of wedding.

Studio Memory Lane is a team of professional photographers, cinematographers who are very passionate about capturing the glimpse of this special day known as wedding. With the team consisting of professional photographers, designers, directors and managers, we work with the sheer perfection to capsulate or bead those precious moments in of golden thread of life with a goal of providing the best and ever-lasting memories to the customer.

We are based in Punjab and covering all the major regions across India; diversifying overseas also. We always feel lucky to work on the weddings from different cultures where we get ourselves to explore more about the different colours of our country. We shoot with the advance technologies and up to date equipment that gives the high quality experience. Encrusting the customers vision, we are gradually developing the ways entwining technology with our vision to present the crucial wedding casting.

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