Studio Memory Lane is a team of pro-photographers that cover corporate events across India and nations. These events are the professional gatherings sponsored by a business for its employees where we cover professional commercial photography for ecommerce websites, conference, meetings and professional portfolios along with red carpets. We have years of experience in capturing corporate photographs for the professional business profiles.


We give our special concern towards commercial photography where we not only capture pictures in corporate formal but also try to groom the personalities for digital portfolios. Digital resumes are very much popularized these days and the biggest example for online personal branding on social business platforms like Linked-in. Corporate events captured by our expert generally used for personal branding by business to showcase their Genuity and trustworthiness.

Each business has some goals to accomplish and we always keep this in mind while serving our services to a reputed business. We always give our best for not to let them down in front of their trustworthy customers maintaining their faithful attire and embellishment.

Besides corporate events, we also deals in variety of events like Birthday Party Events, Product Launch events, Business Events, Personal Events and much more to bade you the perfection and artistry. Blending tradition with the modern culture is our specialty in snapping events where we explore more out of what we are. Our primary motive is to create a memorable lane for you, which is everlasting and worth remembering. Blending our perspective with your vision to bring out a satisfactory outcome results quite different.

Our event services not only relies on just formal events but also lies in Sports Events, Fashion Shows, Concerts & Live performances, Festive Occasions.

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