Candid is a photograph which is captured without creating a posed appearance. Wedding is an event in which we get to see the cheerful faces which should be captured from some hidden or never seen before phases. The natural stance should not be interrupted because we believe the smiles that come right from the deep stomach should be captured at the very moment which doesn’t require any creative edit or additional colours.


We, at Studio Memory Lane has the team of professional photographers who not only click perfect candid shots, but also work passionately on the candid photography to enhance their skills because it has become so popularized among youth. We always try to give our best in using modern techniques which are highly appreciated by the youth these days.

Wedding is a special day not only for the bride and groom, but also for their near and dear ones. So, our team is always ready to make this day more memorable for them too! Having them the best candid shots which they post on their social media accounts under the captions – #weddingDiaries (as the most trending). Their excitement and joy means a lot for us.

We believe that this type of secret photography is a special case of candid photography, in which actual absence of posing plays a major role as the only factor for some real and beautiful candid shots.

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