Wedding is the most memorable ceremony for every person once in a life-time. Every Individual wants this day to be Memorable & Perfect. Every girl or boy dreams about this big day to be so resplendent to delve the Love of their Life in their partner.

The days just before the wedding are the most exciting, colly-wobbling and precious. Wedding couples experience many more feelings, thoughts and morph through variety of emotions these days. This is the most delicate period for the couples to make a strong endless bond when they get know more about each other’s liking, behaviour and true being of a person sharing values and doing commitments. So many promises are to be done by them to each other before the real rituals.

The more we talk about this pre wedding period, the more it tickles to the emotions. This shows how special this period can be and we experience it just for once in the lifetime. So it demands to be captured in exemplary shots to build a memory lane forever.

Studio Memory Lane is the destination where we feel lucky to be a part of the couple’s special days like pre wedding. We enchant these days not for the sake of our work, but for the couples, to begin their wonderful journey of togetherness with great herculean, to make these days more memorable.

The shoot itself gives them the realistic feel of the most amazing emotion – LOVE. We create love with the concepts of shooting around them. We believe that if we can feel the love, we can see and present it with the sheer perfection. Capturing the most lovable moments which can drive the same feeling again and again, no matter how many times you see it, you will just love it like a magic.

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