Beauty is everywhere, residing in everything with dainty. Being photogenic is not always mandatory for an excellent photograph rather it is been perfected by the viewer’s mind. It is believed that even a deformed thing has its own beauty and embellishment.

Beauty is not defined by how it looks, In fact it is defined by the way you perceive it. This is what we keep in our mind while doing photography at various weddings, parties, corporates or at any event.

With these mindful thoughts, we capture everything to unfold the glimpse and mystery residing in the moment which needs to be photographed from our minds to your vision, presenting you the true work of art worth explaining to your sight and this is what we call our passion with precision, because we believe what more than this exists when “Passion becomes Profession”

We believe that photography should be done from the angles which are not seen by the people with their eyes, but satisfies them at the first sight astutes what is not seen easily should be captured in precious memorable frames.

Studio Memory Lane is the place where our passion becomes the profession relieving one’s minds, where customer rules the hierarchy with their exceptional vision & ideas which are achieved by the team. We take part in their happiest episodes of life, amalgamating the eclectic vision and try to make the memorable gems for their memory lane.

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