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Ludhiana Bridal Photo Studio – Parde Mai Rehne Do!

Ludhiana Bridal Photo Studio – Parde Mai Rehne Do!

With her immense beauty and smile on her wedding day, she is going to spread love and happiness among her family and friends. Thus, for capturing the royal and elegant look and memories, we, Studio Memory Lane – Ludhiana Bridal Photo Studio, are here for you. Her heart might be experiencing lots of mix up emotions. On one side, she is happy for getting married to his man of dreams and on the other side, she is also feeling emotional and sad as she is going to leave her maternal family.

Ludhiana Bridal Photo Studio

About the portrait!

Here, you can see one of the subtle and classic frames formed by the Studio Memory Lane. For this elegant shot, we have used circular mirrors in the background, which are reflecting her royal look. Moreover, we used beamers and modifiers in front of the subject. This helps in presenting her expressions and gestures more clearly and compactly. We even used DSLR cameras with wide-angle lenses for the perfect pictures of you.

Apart from the best photography, we are providing more informative blogs for all the beginner and experienced photographers. All the blogs on our page is focused on inculcating new techniques and improving the skills for their professional career. So, here we are discussing few tips for panning photography.

Tips for Panning Photography!

If you are thinking to try this technique for interesting photographs then, you must read our tips. It will make the concept of panning quite easy for you.

  • Right decision while setting the shutter speed: When you decide to capture such pictures, all you need to do is to settle your shutter speed.
  • Make your subject look sharp: If you are blurring everything, but your eyes are striving for something sharp, then it is important to have a sharp subject to focus on.
  • Hand-Held or Tripod: If you have a subject that is near to a perfect plane, then using a tripod is probably a good idea. However, events are not predictable, so this is a chance to learn the handling of the camera.

For more informative blog, you can go through our Blog Section.

Parde Mai Rehne Do!

Beautiful Mate!

Professional Ludhiana Bridal Photo Studio is presenting one of our loyal clients in her bridal look. In this, she is carrying heavy light pink colored Lehnga with beautiful work of beads and zari. Moreover, she is wearing matching accessories such as ChuddaMang- Tikaetc. Her look is glorified with a heavy necklace and earrings. We also suggested the Bride to pose while looking forward and smile naturally.

Studio Memory Lane – Best professional wedding photographers in Punjab 

All the occasions in your life are very special for you and your all near and dear ones. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here at your service. We also have all the technical equipment that will enhance the presentation of your pictures. Moreover, we have all types of wedding and pre-wedding photography props that will give a new angle to your memories. With our services, you can preserve your all precious moments for a lifetime. Apart from Punjab, you can enjoy our all services across the nation.

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