We provide a complete package of corporate business photography in India covering professional portraits for websites, marketing purposes, conferences, charities, parties and corporate events. Studiomemorylane offers world class proficient services from the initial briefing to the finishing of your images.

We strive to help you in getting the most out of your corporate photographs. Commercial photography is one of our specialties, We do not simply click your pictures in formals but make your image more trustworthy and genuine. No matter what your desires are, we would take pride in saying “Yes”.


From crating a professional business individual looks to entrepreneurs’ trustworthiness’ we possess tools as well as creativity that is completely in-lined with your specifications and needs. We believe in creating your explicit personality in the pictures so that your clients could feel the warmth of faithfulness.


Prefer a professional photographer and let our dedication, work for you. We offer an extensive variety of photography, we also ensures that you really get what you actually desire. We are passionate about our work that is the only how we will surpass your expectations.  


If you don’t find exactly what you are seeking then please just ask…

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